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PLR Articles with categories and pricing :

1Arts and Entertainment PLR Articles4473$9Add to Cart
1.1Celebrities PLR Articles99$2Add  to Cart
1.2Humanities PLR Articles34$1Add to Cart
1.3Humor PLR Articles228$3Add to Cart
1.4Movies PLR Articles187$3Add to Cart
1.5Music PLR Articles497$3Add to Cart
1.6Photography PLR Articles234$3Add to Cart
1.7Poetry PLR Articles2094$5Add to Cart
2Business PLR Articles8379$12Add to Cart
2.1Advertising PLR Articles471$3Add to Cart
2.2Careers PLR Articles898$3Add to Cart
2.3Customer Service PLR Articles130$2 Add to Cart
2.4Entrepreneurs PLR Articles201$3Add to Cart
2.5Ethics PLR Articles27$1Add to  Cart
2.6Home based Business PLR Articles1222$4Add  to Cart
2.7Management PLR Articles729$3Add to Cart
2.8Marketing PLR Articles1326$4Add to Cart
2.9Networking PLR Articles72$2Add to Cart
2.10Public Relations PLR Articles46$1Add to Cart
2.11Sales PLR Articles359$3Add to  Cart
2.12Small Business PLR Articles378$3Add to Cart
3Internet PLR Articles15155$12Add to Cart
3.1Affiliate Programs PLR Articles445$3Add to Cart
3.2Article Marketing PLR Articles272$2Add to Cart
3.3Auctions PLR Articles320$2Add to cart
3.4Blogging PLR Articles220$2Add to cart
3.5Domains PLR Articles146$2Add to cart
3.6Ebooks PLR Articles103$2Add to Cart
3.7Ecommerce PLR Articles260$2Add to Cart
3.8Email Marketing PLR Articles143$2Add to Cart
3.9Ezine Marketing PLR Articles34$1Add to Cart
3.10Internet Marketing PLR Articles710$3Add to Cart
3.11Podcasts PLR Articles32$1Add to Cart
3.12PPC Advertising PLR Articles178$3Add to Cart
3.13RSS PLR Articles41$1Add to Cart
3.14Security PLR Articles115$2Add to Cart
3.15SEO PLR Articles936$3Add to Cart
3.16Site Promotion PLR Articles223$2Add to Cart
3.17Spam PLR Articles34$1Add to Cart
3.18Traffic Generation PLR Articles244$2Add to Cart
3.19Web Design PLR Articles648$3Add to Cart
3.20Web Hosting PLR Articles8895$5Add to Cart
4Food Beverage PLR Articles2370$5Add to Cart
4.1Coffee PLR Articles107$2Add to Cart
4.2Cooking PLR Articles211$3Add to Cart
4.3Gourmet PLR Articles26$1Add to Cart
4.4Recipes PLR Articles252$3Add to Cart
4.5Wine PLR Articles1081$4Add to Cart
5Computer and Technology5834$9Add to Cart
5.1Communications PLR Articles296$3Add to Cart
5.2Computer Certification PLR Articles234$3Add to Cart
5.3Data Recovery PLR Articles89$2Add to Cart
5.4Games PLR Articles515$3Add to Cart
5.5Hardware PLR Articles242$3Add to Cart
5.6Networks PLR Articles46$1Add to Cart
5.7Software PLR Articles631$3Add to Cart
5.8Web Development PLR Articles2590$5Add to Cart
6Fashion PLR Articles1349$5Add to Cart
6.1Clothing PLR Articles369$3Add to Cart
6.2Jewelry PLR Articles479$3Add to  Cart
6.3Shoes PLR Articles88$2 Add to Cart
7Finance PLR Articles16192$15Add to Cart
7.1Credit PLR Articles1719$4Add to Cart
7.2Currency Trading PLR Articles253$3Add to Cart
7.3Debt PLR Articles25$2Add to Cart
7.4Debt Consolidation PLR Articles642$3Add to Cart
7.5Fundraising PLR Articles66$1Add to Cart
7.6Insurance PLR Articles858$3Add to Cart
7.7Investing PLR Articles381$3Add to Cart
7.8Leasing PLR Articles19$1Add to Cart
7.9Loans PLR Articles2021$4Add to Cart
7.10Mortgage PLR Articles823$3Add to Cart
7.11Mutual Funds PLR Articles23$1Add to Cart
7.12Personal Finance PLR Articles351$3Add to Cart
7.13Real Estate PLR Articles1499$4Add to Cart
7.14Stock Market PLR Articles181$2Add to Cart
7.15Taxes PLR Articles261$3Add to Cart
7.16Wealth Building PLR Articles4690$4Add to Cart
8Health and Fitness PLR Articles13353$12Add to Cart
8.1Acne PLR Articles485$3Add to Cart
8.2Alternative Medicine PLR Articles508$3Add to Cart
8.3Beauty PLR Articles1212$4Add to Cart
8.4Cardio PLR Articles98$1Add to Cart
8.5Depression PLR Articles214$3Add to Cart
8.6Diabetes PLR Articles123$2Add to Cart
8.7Disease Illness PLR Articles943$3Add to Cart
8.8Exercise PLR Articles342$3Add to Cart
8.9Fitness Equipment PLR Articles161$2Add to Cart
8.10Hair Loss PLR Articles194$2Add to Cart
8.11Medicine PLR Articles1094$4Add to Cart
8.12Meditation PLR Articles47$1Add to Cart
8.13Men’s Issues PLR Articles144$2Add to Cart
8.14Muscle Building PLR Articles114$2Add to Cart
8.15Nutrition PLR Articles456$3Add to Cart
8.16Supplements PLR Articles279$2Add to Cart
8.17Weight Loss PLR Articles1013$4Add to Cart
8.18Women’s Issues PLR Articles646$3Add to Cart
8.19Yoga PLR Articles188$2Add to Cart
9Family PLR Articles10917$10Add to Cart
9.1Babies PLR Articles399$2Add to Cart
9.2Crafts PLR Articles172$2Add to Cart
9.3Elderly Care PLR Articles64$1Add to Cart
9.4Gardening PLR Articles697$3Add to Cart
9.5Hobbies PLR Articles295$2Add to Cart
9.6Holidays PLR Articles$3Add to Cart
9.7Home Improvement PLR Articles2399$5Add to Cart
9.8Home Security PLR Articles208$2Add to Cart
9.9Interior Design PLR Articles465$3Add to Cart
9.10Landscaping PLR Articles106$2Add to Cart
9.11Parenting PLR Articles723$3Add to Cart
9.12Pets PLR Articles1358$3Add to Cart
9.13Pregnancy PLR Articles97$1Add to Cart
10Sports PLR Articles7424$8Add to Cart
10.1Biking PLR Articles46$1Add to Cart
10.2Extreme PLR Article81$1Add to Cart
10.3Fishing PLR Articles317$3Add to Cart
10.4Gambling Casinos PLR Articles1362$4Add to Cart
10.5Golf PLR Articles653$3Add to Cart
10.6Hunting PLR Articles54$1Add to Cart
10.7Martial Arts PLR Articles67$1Add to Cart
10.8Tennis PLR Articles3243$4Add to Cart
11Education PLR Articles3604$5Add to Cart
11.1Adult PLR Articles22$1Add to Cart
11.2College PLR Articles237$2Add to Cart
11.3Environmental PLR Articles162$2Add to Cart
11.4Home schooling PLR Articles103$2Add to Cart
11.5K-12 Education PLR Articles174$2Add to Cart
11.6Language PLR Articles115$2Add to Cart
11.7Legal PLR Articles4473$9Add to Cart
11.8Philosophy PLR Articles18$1Add to Cart
11.9Psychology PLR Articles98$2Add to Cart
11.10Science PLR Articles174$2Add to Cart
11.11Weather PLR Articles1426$3Add to Cart
12Travels PLR Articles7229$8Add to Cart
12.1Aviation PLR Articles110$2Add to Cart
12.2Boating PLR Articles66$1Add to Cart
12.3Cruises PLR Articles128$2Add to Cart
12.4Destinations PLR Articles1036$3Add to Cart 
12.5Outdoors PLR Articles221$2Add to Cart
12.6Travel Tips PLR Articles842$3Add to Cart
12.7Vacations PLR Articles3931$4Add to Cart
13Vehicles PLR Articles3119$5Add to Cart
13.1Cars PLR Articles966$3Add to Cart
13.2Motorcycles PLR Articles107$1Add to Cart 
13.3Trucks SUVS PLR Articles1220$3Add to Cart
14Self Improvement PLR Articles4861$9Add to Cart
14.1Attraction PLR Articles122$2Add to Cart
14.2Coaching PLR Articles146$2Add to Cart
14.3Creativity PLR Articles36$1Add to Cart 
14.4Goal Setting PLR Articles264$2Add to Cart
14.5Grief PLR Articles17$1Add to Cart
14.6Happiness PLR Articles138$2Add to Cart
14.7Innovation PLR Articles18$1Add to Cart
14.8Inspirational PLR Articles124$2Add to Cart
14.9Leadership PLR Articles134$2Add to Cart
14.10Motivation PLR Articles223$2Add to Cart
14.11Organizing PLR Articles40$1Add to Cart
14.12Spirituality PLR Articles144$2Add to Cart
14.13Stress Management PLR Articles221$2Add to Cart
14.14Success PLR Articles227$2Add to Cart
14.15Time Management PLR Articles2036$4Add to Cart
15Product Reviews PLR Articles1125$4Add to Cart
15.1Book Reviews PLR Articles204$2Add to Cart
15.2Consumer Electronics PLR Article187$2Add to Cart
15.3Digital Products PLR Articles73$1Add to Cart
15.4Movie Reviews PLR Articles259$2Add to Cart
15.5Music Reviews PLR Articles42$1Add to Cart
16Society PLR Articles4320$4Add to Cart
16.1Dating PLR Articles850$3Add to Cart
16.2Divorce PLR Articles65$1Add to Cart
16.3Marriage PLR Articles279$3Add to Cart
16.4Politics PLR Articles324$3Add to Cart
16.5Relationships PLR Articles497$3Add to Cart
16.6Religion PLR Articles380$3Add to Cart
16.7Sexuality PLR Articles171$2Add to Cart
16.8Weddings PLR Articles1333$4Add to Cart
17Writing Speaking PLR Articles1346$4Add to Cart
17.1Article Writing PLR Articles179$2Add to Cart
17.2Book Marketing PLR Articles64$1Add to Cart
17.3Copy writing PLR Articles92$1Add to Cart
17.4Public Speaking PLR Articles57$1Add to Cart
17.5Writing PLR Articles649Add to Cart
18Combo Offer93909$59Add to Cart



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